Drive Units

Gearbox for Paper

Gearbox for Paper

Gearbox for Resin

Gearbox for Resin

PARAMAX9000 Series

With 26 standard housing sizes and various of applications, robust and reliable gearbox

COMPOWER Planetary Gear Drive

High-torque and compact planetary gear reducer

HEDCON Worm Gear Reducer

High-performance worm drive that achieves high efficiency and great strength using a unique double-contact theory.

High Speed Reducer & Increaser

Standardized High Speed Gearbox

Gearbox for Steel

Gearbox for Steel

Gearbox for pump

Gearbox for Pump

Gearbox for Turbo Compressor

High Speed Gearbox for Turbo Compressor

Gearbox for Mill

Cement Mill, Slag Mill, Coal Mill