High-performance model capable of completing everything on-site from diagnostics to data storage


This product addresses the following needs.

  • The need to manage data in-house for advanced vibration analysis.



Diagnostic method Vibration (overall value, frequency analysis)
Data management Detection unit/user's PC
Measurement method Continuous monitoring


System configuration

  • Easy to operate with a simple system configuration capable of completing the work on-site.
  • Measurement data and diagnostics results are managed on your PC.
  • The system can be used without a PC if it is used only to notify alarms.

  • *1 The speed and load signals can also be measured.



Monitoring the changes in vibration components of gears, bearings, and other mechanical elements

The trend in vibration components of machine elements can be monitored through frequency analysis with a detection unit.


Monitoring under complex operating conditions

The units can be monitored even if there is fluctuation in rotation speed or load.


Checking the trend values on-site without permanent Installation of PC

Trend values can be displayed on the detection unit with no need for a PC, making it easy to perform highly accurate diagnostics on-site.


We do the setup that requires technical expertise

We will provide support for the necessary setups according to the gear and bearing specifications. Appropriate implementation support will be provided to help you start the monitoring operation smoothly.