High performance model, identifying abnormal parts and detect damage conditions


This product addresses the following needs.


  • Accurate identification of the abnormal area and damage status.



Diagnostic method Vibration (overall value, frequency analysis)
Data management Cloud server
Measurement method Continuous monitoring


System configuration

  • Measurement data is transmitted via a mobile network. No troublesome cabling is required.
  • Our engineers analyze data in the cloud and provide reports.

  • ※1The rotation speed and load signals can also be measured.
  • ※2When the diagnostic software (sold separately) is installed, you can manage the measurements on your PC without accessing to the cloud server.



Early detection of abnormalities

Abnormalities can be detected before the failure by monitoring the trend of vibration values at characteristic frequencies through frequency analysis.


Identification of damaged parts and damage

Damaged parts and damage can be identified by analyzing the vibration values obtained from multiple sensors.


Integrated monitoring of multiple units

You can select either the 8-channel type or the 16-channel type according to the type of reducer and application.


Monitoring under complex operating conditions

Gearboxes can be monitored even if there is fluctuation in rotation speed or load.


Proposals based on detailed analysis by our engineers

Our engineers will propose countermeasures based on precise analysis of the cloud data.