COMPOWER Planetary Gear Drive

High torque and compact planetary gear reducer.

Product Range

Product Features

1 Wide Variation of Lineup
Applicable to various specifications with less number of parts by adopting modular design. Wide selection of Planetary Gear Reducer DP1000 Series for better choice of customerʼs requests.

① Availability of Output Torque from 0.46kNm to 736kNm and Power Range from 0.2kW to 1200kW.
② Applicable to Reduction Ratio from 5 to 1400.
③ Applicable to foot mounting, flange mounting and shaft mounting(option).

2 Drive Unit
Prepared full lineup of direct motor mount type drive units.
Simple layout of models can be made due to the unified combination of reducer and basic motor. Eliminate the necessity for foundation working for installation and alignment operation.

3 High strength and rigidity of Planetary Gear system.
① Equal gear arrangement of Planetary Gear system.
Optimum distribution of load to each gear is secured by Planetary Gear system and structure. Slimmer diameter can produce bigger transmission power of torque.
② High pressure angle gear.
27- degree pressure angle provides higher tooth strength, which is good for shock loads.