SEISA Gear Coupling

Compact sized coupling with high torque transmitting capability developed from our original technology.


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  1. Torque is fully transmitted even if misalignment of shaft center or vibration occur
  2. When misalignment or tilt of connected shafts occurs in operation, it will be automatically adjusted, as no extra load is applied to shaft and bearings, protecting the machine.
  3. Flexible coupling using crowning gear and has high wear resistance and toughness.
  4.  It is separate from the center case, so its assembly and removal are easy. Moreover, as it is compact and light, the mounting space can be minimized.
  5. Unlike other types of flexible couplings, misalignment of rotation angle between two shafts caused by deflection of coupling cannot happen.

Features of M Series

  1. The shape is the same as SS/SE/CC/CE types of gear coupling in JIS B1453. In the catalog, there are 4 types, which are added "GC" before and"M" after JIS code such as GC-SSM, GC-SEM, GC-CCM and GC-CEM, as well as these other types;GC-SMM, GC-SAM, GC-CAM, GC-MV, GC-SV and GC-EEM.
  2. The size number indicates the diameter of coupling case. Bore diameter of shaft is in compliance with JIS, while coupling overall diameter is made more compact. When compared with JIS coupling, therefore, the product is more compact in size and lighter in weight, contributing to cost savings.
  3. As coupling center is longer compared to coupling case width, shafts can be easily aligned by moving the coupling case within the range of boss length. This size also makes the teeth inspection easier.
  4. The type GC-SMM for mill motor is in compliance with JEM-1109 standard.
  5. Upright types (GC-MV, GC-SV) and spacer types (GC-SAM, GC-CAM) are standardized with the oil seal cover to prevent oil leakage from key way.
  6. The type MH, whose transmission capacity is increased by heat treatment, is standardized.
  7. The sleeve type GL, which is made more compact, is also available.
  8. GC coupling and its parts are in good stock to be supplied immediately through our sales network. The sleeve type GL, which is made more compact, is also available