Our company has a century of manufacturing experience in highly customized gear drives, highspeed acceleration and reduction gears for compressors and turbine generators, mill drives for cement and coal, and gear couplings. The most demanding and carefully engineered products in the world are made by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Gearbox Co., Ltd.

Company History

September 1916 Founded as Osaka Seisasho Co., Ltd.
January 1935 Changed the corporate name to Osaka Seisa-zoki Co., Ltd.
January 1937 Acquired Mizoguchi Gear Factory to start the manufacturing of gears and transmissions   
May 1949 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange
December 1951 Acquired capital in Nihon Kikai Seisa Co., Ltd.
October 1956 Became a member of the Kobe Steel group following capital investments by Kobe Steel, Ltd.
October 1967 Started operations for the Takasago Factory as the successor to Shinko Mizoguchi Gear Co., Ltd. Participated in technical cooperation for SF coupling with FALK of the U.S. and for worm gears and worm reduction gears with JOHN HOLROYD of Britain.   
May 1970 Joined an international member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA)
May 1979 Transferred the manufacture and sales of anchor chain to subsidiary Nihon Kikai Seisa Co., Ltd.
July 1982 Consolidated the head office and factory at 4-16-1 Wakihama, Kaizuka.  
September 1996 Obtained "ISO 9001" certification for Quality Management System Standards.
May 1999 Became its member of the Sumitomo Heavy Industries group following capital investment by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.  
February 2000 Made Toyo Seimitsu-zoki Co., Ltd. a special subsidiary
March 2000 Megerd with Nihon Kikai Seisa Co., Ltd
July 2000 Merger with Toyo Seimitsu-zoki Co., Ltd.
October 2002 Changed the corporate name to SEISA Gear, Ltd.
October 2006 Delisted from the Osaka Securities Exchange through a stock swap with the parent company Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.and became a wholly owned subsidiary      
Ocotber 2007 Merged with Ueda Hagurama Seiki Kogyosho Co., Ltd.
August 2009 Obtained “ISO14001” certification for
Environmental management System Standards      
April 2016 Changed the corporate name to Sumitomo Heavy Industries Gearbox Co., Ltd.