Drainage pump is used for the following applications:

To force draining rainwater of residential areas in the rivers during heavy rain.

To force draining water of rivers to reduce flood damage to residential areas

Internal combustion engine such as diesel engine or gas turbine as a prime mover is adopted in consideration of the event of a power failure.

Lifting pump is used for the following application:

To draw the water of low position in order to ensure the tap water and maintain water.

This lifting pump is regularly operated.

The electric motor as a prime mover using commercial power supply is adopted.

Sumitomo Heavu Industries Gearbox for such applications have the following features;

We provide different type of gear reducer such as orthogonal axes, parallel shaft
and planetary etc that is tailored to the shape of every pump.

The equipment for initial lubrication and various protection are attached to the gear reducer
in order to start the pump reliably after a long standby state.

We have also developed the series of gear reducer with a built-in clutch and fluid
coupling in order to have easy management operation of internal combustion engine.

Lifting Pump

Drainage Pump